Extraordinary Attorney Woo ep 8 eng sub

Legal dramas have always been popular among audiences, and “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is no exception.

The show centers around a talented lawyer named Woo, who takes on difficult cases that other lawyers wouldn’t dare touch.

In episode 8, we see Woo take on a particularly challenging case that will test his skills as a lawyer.

Episode 8 Plot Summary

In episode 8 of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” we see Woo take on a case involving a young woman accused of murder. The woman, who has a history of mental illness, is suspected of killing her neighbor in a rage.

The case seems straightforward initially, but as Woo delves deeper into the details, he realizes there’s more to the story than meets the eye.

Woo discovers that the victim had a history of abusing the young woman and that the killing was an act of self-defense. However, the prosecution refuses to consider this possibility and is determined to convict the young woman. With time running out, Woo must use all of his legal skills to prove the woman’s innocence and bring the real killer to justice.


Extraordinary Attorney Woo” boasts an impressive cast of talented actors who bring the characters to life. In episode 8, we see the following characters:


Woo is the show’s protagonist and a brilliant lawyer who always fights for justice. He’s a determined and dedicated lawyer who will stop at nothing to defend his clients.

Young woman

The young woman accused of murder is a complex character with a troubled past. She’s portrayed as sympathetic and vulnerable, making it easy for the audience to empathize with her situation.


The prosecutor in charge is ruthless and determined to secure a conviction at any cost. He’s portrayed as cold and calculating, with little regard for the truth.


“Extraordinary Attorney ” deals with several themes relevant to our society today. Some of the themes explored in episode 8 include:


The show raises important questions about justice and the legal system’s role in our society. It highlights that justice is not always straightforward and that sometimes the truth is hard to uncover.


The show also deals with the issue of abuse and how it can impact people’s lives. It shows how abuse can have long-lasting effects and can even lead to violence.


Where can I watch “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” with English subtitles?

You can watch “Extraordinary Attorney ” with English subtitles on various streaming platforms such as Viki and Kocowa.

Is “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” based on a true story?

No, “Extraordinary Attorney ” is a fictional drama series.

How many episodes are in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”?

“Extraordinary Attorney ” has a total of 16 episodes.

Who plays the character of Woo in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”?

Woo is played by actor Ryu Deok-hwan.

What makes “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” unique compared to other legal dramas?

“Extraordinary Attorney” is unique because it combines elements of a legal drama with a supernatural twist. The show features a lawyer who can see ghosts, adding an interesting and unexpected element to the story.

Where can I watch “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Episode 8 with English subtitles?

You can watch “Extraordinary Attorney” Episode 8 with English subtitles on various streaming platforms like Viki or Netflix.

How long is Episode 8 of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”?

Episode 8 of “Extraordinary Attorney ” runs approximately 1 hour.


“Extraordinary Attorney ” is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys legal dramas. Episode 8 is particularly gripping and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Its complex characters, thought-provoking themes, and engaging plot make it easy to see why the show has become so popular.